Top Ten Reading Ideas for Creating a Love for reading in children

1. Limit television watching and video games to less then an hour per day.

2. Read aloud to babies, toddlers and children everyday.

Even when the toddler is running around and seems like he or she is not listening, keep reading. Start reading an interesting book to your child then walk away, and let him or her finish it on his or her own. Take turns reading together with older children.

3. Let children see you read

4. Let reading bond you together as a family; start a book club or reading hour once per week.

Make popcorn and some other healthy snacks and hang out with your children and read together snuggled up on the couch and read. Be sure to have a family discussion about what everyone is reading. Keep a chart telling how many chapters each family member has read.

5. When nap time is not working on any particular day, turn it into quiet time with books.

Give toddlers sturdy tear proof books and regular books to the older children. Let children read to their favorite stuffed animals.

6. Go to the library weekly or just go on a field trip.

Let children get their own library card and check out books on their own. Take advantage of author read a louds.  Afterwords visit a local park and enjoy a picnic lunch; for desert read one of their books to them. Idea* Check out books about places your family will visit. Example, before a trip to the zoo check out zoo books. Read them before the zoo trip, talk about the book while at the zoo, reread them after the zoo trip. Then write a story, act it out, draw a picture, or make a sculpture of something from the zoo.

7. Try E-readers

Reluctant readers might enjoy reading something that looks more like a laptop or phone then a traditional book. Plus there are many free books including the great classics. Many E-reader books are sold cheaper than traditional books. For example A Wildflower for All Seasons retails for $10.00 in a book form, while a Kindle version cost only 2.99 on

8. Play games during family night .Play game that build on spelling and literacy such as Up with Words, Scrabble, Hangman, and crossword puzzles.

9.  Visit the websites of your children's favorite authors. Many authors have games and activities on their websites.

10. Make reading the reward

Let your children stay up an extra fifteen minutes to read as a reward. Never make reading a punishment.

As a final note let me suggest making any reading time you spend with your children be fun, loving and a relationship building experience. Avoid any negative actions or comments.

Love God with your whole heart and love your neighbor as yourself

The last day of school for teachers isn't a particularly hard day, there are no students, we're given a luncheon, and everyone is looking forward to two and a half months off to themselves for the summer. 
Why was I not filled with joy each moment of the last teacher day of school? The next morning when I went on my bicycle ride it hit me. I did not love God with my whole heart and did not love my neighbor as myself. The day before I had not spent any part of the day showing God how much I love him with my thoughts, words, or my actions. I had not taken time to praise or thank God. I had however, taken a great deal of time judging people and situations around me. 
	When I'm focused on praising God and being thankful for all of my blessings, I don't have time to judge other people. When my thoughts, words, and actions are filled with gratitude in all areas, God's love overflows in my life and spills into other peoples lives. 
When I'm grateful: 
 I'm more friendly to other people
 I'm more compassionate
 I'm more giving and loving 
When I focus on praising and thanking God for all of my blessings with my whole heart, I can't help,but love my neighbor as myself.


Thank you Dylan Wilson

I was blessed to have Dylan Wilson share his time and talents with me this Saturday as my photographer and video technician. Thanks to him the day went very smoothly. Dylan gave me lots of helpful hints while filming. He was instrumental in giving my videos a more polished look. I would highly recommend Dylan and look forward to working with him again. Please visit his website to view his amazing images